Our Story

The Wing Since graduating as a fashion stylist & designer from Tokyo Design Gakuin in 1996, Eliana has become one of the most diverse creative consultants in Indonesia. Much of her experience has been gained from working across the world of makeup artistry, personal styling, creative installation, painting, fashion and jewelry over the last 20 years. "'Eliana brings a unique touch and insightful perspective to all facets of creativity.'" While jewelry making might have started out as a hobby since high school, she remains driven in creating her own style by a lack of extravagance and glamour in the market. When Eliana lost her son tragically in 2009, she threw herself into her other love - making beautiful jewelries. E.P.A jewelry was officially born in 2012. No longer buying, dissecting and reassembling various pieces at the request of her friends, Eliana now has a team of artisans focused on perfecting her signature styles. E.P.A's aesthetic is inspired by the decadence of "Old Hollywood" glamour. Her premiere collection is a mixture of semi-precious metals and gemstones combined to inspire an uplift. Her signature style centers around "wings" being a symbol of both freedom and love. E.P.A's brand philosophy is "glam yourself". Every piece from her exclusive collection is like a magic wand turning the simplest of wardrobes into luxury boutiques. Her work has been featured in Bazaar and Hello magazines. Often seen in Tatler magazines with her fellow socialites and fashionista, Eliana has not forgotten her other dream, which is to establish a non-profit organization to help children with autism and cerebral palsy enjoy a more fulfilling life. Eliana lives between Jakarta, Bali, Tokyo and Perth, Australia.